Photo Shoot Locations in London

London is no doubt a very beautiful place and therefore, a lot of photo shoots are done there. There are a lot of photo shoots locations in London. Below are the top three locations. They are very popular and well-known and have being seen in very famous magazines.

1. Knightsbridge
Knightsbridge is one of the most beautiful places in London. As the name says, it is a bridge but it is not just a normal bridge. It has fake fire lights on the sides so it looks very fantasy. As a result, a lot of fantasy themed photo shoots are done there. From different angles, it looks like an illusion as if you were falling off the bridge due to the fire. It looks very cool and different.

2. Natural History Museum
This museum is the biggest and most popular one in London. It is called the Natural History Museum. The architecture used to build this is mind-blowing. The arches and the domes used just make you wonder how such a building could be built by humans. Actually, a lot of photo shoots are done there because of the gold designs and its precision. It is a great place to take a photo shoot. In addition, during the night, all the lights are turned off and glow in the dark lights are shown and all you see are the designs. It is truly amazing. At that time, a lot of photo shoots are also done because of its uniqueness.

3. Thames Gallery
A room in Thames Gallery is widely used in the modelling industry. It is a completely white room with lots of light blue white lights. Therefore, it looks very cool. Many models will use the monochrome trend of white and black in that room.

Overall, London is an amazing place and lots of models go there for photo shoots because of its uniqueness.